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Echo to Time and Space



The exhibition catalogue Echo to Time and Space consists of thirty pages made from six sheets. The test is printed on thin, semitransparent appear, while the artist's paintings are reproduced on thick, coated paper. 
The Chinese text is typeset with a reverse indent of six characters for the first line, while the English is typeset with a drop cap initial letter for the first paragraph, and a six-character indent for subsequent paragraphs. The overall layout creates relationships between highlighting and compression, positive and negative shape. The Chinese and English typesetting follow the general feel of the art, seeking contrast and harmony with the artist's works.
In addition to reproducing the artist’s exhibited works in their entirety, this catalogue also segments selected artworks, so that the whole artwork appears in pieces over separate pages, revealing to the reader that the artist’s greatness lies in the different interpretations that exist between different viewers, leaving us with mutually paradoxical imaginary spaces.

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