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The Golden Thread The Story of Writing



This book is about the history of the craft of writing, focusing on the development of writing in the Roman alphabet, around written and printed fonts, and paper and digital documents. Writing history is like a sky full of stars, too numerous to pick up, but there is a golden thread running through it all. This clue connects important events in the development of Western characters, and the various characters we use today can also find corresponding nodes in it. This is the shining quality of the history of Western writing.
The 1mm gold line hot-stamped on the edge of the book cover is one of the visual presentations of this clue. The back ring is designed to fold over the cutout, and a manuscript-inspired brief of the book sits on top of it. The cover graphics, color matching and bronzing process all create a gorgeous and brilliant visual experience.
The layout of the text has been debugged many times at the beginning of the design, and the slight adjustment of the white space of the layout gradually makes the book exude a classic atmosphere. One thick and one thin double-line retro graphic frame throughout the book. The text in the text has a uniform gray scale, and the setting of 25 lines per page and 27 characters per line provides readers with a comfortable reading experience. In addition, the glossary in the appendix adopts a dictionary-style typesetting, and on the basis of ensuring that the content is clear and easy to find, try to solve the aesthetic problem of mixing Chinese and English.

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