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Chinese Typography Grid Systems & Composition



The designer of this book is also the author of the text, and was therefore able to combine design and writing so that the two parts of the text appear absolutely symmetrical before and after the coloured pages.
In order to maximise the use of the layout,the margins of the cut-outs and gutter are designed to be one 10.5-pound(pt) kanji, and in the grid system,the size of the font used in the body of the book is also 10.5 pound(pt).
The book cover design is practical application of the grid system theory applicable to the typesetting of kanji, which is expounded in this book. There is a “1.5” on the cover, represents the basic design unit of the grid of this book, which is finer than 10.5 pound(pt), and the pound(pt) of notes and head margin in the book are multiple additions of the 1.5 pound(pt).
As a tool book, this book should be sturdy and resistant to flipping. That’s why the book is designed as a round spine hardcover combining a cloth spine with paper front and back covers. The head margin and foot margin are cut flush with the book block for a more contemporary look.

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