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This small book is about “doors”. In Beijing and Paris, there are many buildings with similar historical significance. This book uses the gates of these buildings as clues to take readers on a journey through the gates of these buildings.
This small book can be turned left and right to distinguish the buildings of the two cities. It uses the same folded back cover to connect the two sections, allowing readers to open and read the two parts separately. And the process of flipping through the pages is like opening doors.
The text of the book adopts similar gray-colored fonts and arranged the Chinese and French contents on the same page, so as to make the format echo each other and closely connect the two languages. The title of the book, the Chinese character “门”(“Door” in English), is simplified in form and decorated on the cover and around the book. The catalog is directly printed on the cover, and the floating decoration of the book echoes the catalog on the cover, which can not only assume the function of page number but also serve as labels to mark the similar content of the left and right pages. It cancels the traditional catalog and page number on the text contents and replaces the content label search with the space search, exploring the nature of the functions and looking for more possibilities.

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