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11×16 XXL Studio




This book is an editorial design work published by Xiaoxiang Liu, art director of XXL Studio, which has selected 11 projects of XXL Studio for many years.

The cultural source of the editorial design of 11×16 XXL Studio comes from the metrical poem: changing the content according to the fixed format, forming a strong sense of frame while feeling the beauty of the rhyme.

The book contains 11 book cases, each case consists of three fixed parts: pictures which are the same size with the original; text and graphics to show the concepts of book design; 16p of the original. But these three parts have changed due to the different characteristics of each case. 

Different works have different papers and crafts. if they are printed on the same paper, the original design materials and crafts can only be experienced by the images, without the texture that can be touched. For this reason, each case (book) reproduces the 16p to display the original work, providing readers with the opportunity to directly appreciate and touch the original, which is also the origin of the title.

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