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Breeze blows to the page, you read



Title:Breeze blows to the page, you read:Selected works of the first China's most beautiful travel book design competition

“Breeze blows to the page, you read” is the title of the book and also the design concept.The Form like a boat or whale and the ripples they left, Because the location of the selection and exhibition was in Hainan Island.The award level determines the proportion of the work in the book.Photos of the facing page of the winning books build up the book. At the same time, the selected facing page number is also the book page number.(Example: the pages 26 and 27 of winning books, also on pages 26 and 27 of this book.)If these continuous pages cannot fully show their design characteristics, then we will selectively distribute them randomly throughout the book when editing and shooting, to express the concept of "page reads by wind".

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