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Discovering Qinling-Students activity book



The book is designed as a  “notebook” and a manual for students use in outdoor research. It is designed to be read and write on it conveniently in the wild. The book page of this interactive concept is finally completed by adding the writing of students. 
In order to improve the practicability of the manual book, the is make of wear resistant kraft paper and designed in convenient binding form. We chose to write titles in font FZYaSong-DB-GBK to strengthen the concise. 

The capital letters that represent themes of researches are typeset in a left to right sequence to signify the progresses of researchers.

The layout design is diverse and orderly. There are intended-left blank spaces used for writing, drawing or specimen records to enrich and deepen the research content; This design wish to distinguish the inspection content from the notes.

All contents to be marked shall be marked in bright yellow to facilitate identification in dim outdoor light and dark forest.

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